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Branding Photography - Because Your Online Image is Worth It. 

Getting your photos taken can be a major pain.

First, you have to find a photographer who's work reflects your aesthetic - that's not an easy task considering there are 45,783 photographers in your area (and some of them are kinda terrible, TBH). When you try to figure this out with a Google sesh, you find yourself wading through pages and pages of babies, puppies and weddings - doesn't anyone specialize in amazing photos for business owners?! OK, you'll go with... this chick. Her site looks pretty good, and she has some likes on facebook, so she's probably legit enough.  

Once you've found that photographer, you have to figure out where to go, what to wear, and a general idea of how you want the photos to portray your brand - are we talking soft and ethereal? Clean and contemporary? Edgy and modern? You know that going in without a concept is a sure way to get useless images, but...


How do you describe what you think your business looks like?


And then on the day of? Forget about it. You try to do your hair, but it falls flat because of unexpected humidity. The top you wanted to wear seems to have a weird stain on it and you wanted to put on extra special makeup, but it turned out more Junior Prom than CEO. OK, OK, you have to make it work, so you show up and wait for the photographer's direction. Crap. She tells you to sit on the sofa and say cheese. Wait, what? That's it? How does your outfit look? Is your arm doing that weird smushed-flat giant arm thing? Why isn't she giving you any more direction? Why is this taking so long? Should you move? Talk? Smile more? Smile less? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WITH YOUR HANDS??? 

The whole stressful, uncertain experience feels terrible, and when you get the images back, it feels even worse. You're not quite sure what you were expecting, but this... wasn't it. You think you can use maybe two of the photos you got - maybe - and the rest will die a slow, painful death hidden on your hard drive.


If this sounds familiar, allow me to give you an air hug, a cookie and a promise. It doesn't have to be uncomfortable, unproductive or an annoying waste of money. There's a better way. I'll say it again - 

There's a better way. 

Branding Images - Signature Service includes a one hour consultation so we can get into the very marrow of your business. We'll talk about what it is you do, who you serve and your big-dream ideas about where you intend to go next. Location options, styling and prop suggestions, clothing choices - we'll cover everything you need to know so you feel prepared and ready to roll, not out of sorts and insecure. If you're not certain if you need to hire a makeup artist - spoiler alert, you DO - or even how to find one, we'll cover that as well. We'll even talk about how we'll showcase your products and services - whether you're a maker, a coach, or a creative entrepreneur, we'll show who you are AND what you offer.

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Next, we'll collaborate on a shared secret Pinterest board so we can visually communicate on your needs, wants and hell-to-the-nos. If you see a photo of Angelina Jolie that speaks to you, but you're not quite sure how to get that charisma in your own photos, this is how we'll figure that out. 

On the day of your session, we'll meet, go over the wardrobe choices you've brought with you, and review the images we've shared on our board. We'll briefly revisit our goals for the session so we're both in the right frame of mind, and then before you can even begin to feel nervous, we'll start shooting. 

I'll direct you through a variety of poses and expressions. We'll continue talking throughout the whole process so you'll feel both comfortable and engaged. At no point will you feel uncertain or awkward. There's about a 100% chance that you will even have fun. 

About two weeks after your session, you'll receive a gallery of 40+ fully retouched images. Need one for your site, social media or the cover of that magazine you were just interviewed in? Not a problem - they are yours to share as you please. 

That's right -

Your one-of-a-kind, stand-out like a freakin' rock star images will be all yours so you can stand out and the love, followers, and (hello), clients you and your business deserve. 


The Branding Images - Signature Session is $1550 and includes all of the above. Two of these sessions are available per month, and they are typically booked 4-6 weeks in advance, so please contact me here as soon as you're ready so we can schedule your Signature Session. (Please note: 50% of the total is due upon booking, and your appointment dates will be scheduled as soon as your deposit and contract are received.) 


What are past clients saying about Misha Hettie's Branding Images? Check it out - 

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- “Okay, I love you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! These are exactly what I was hoping for and more!” - Mitzi Torgersen, Happy Confetti
- “Misha is the only photographer I will ever work with because she knows how to capture me and how to convey my brand message through pictures. The photos she takes for my company tell the story that I need told” - Alycia Wicker, www.alyciawicker.com 
- “You rock!!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” - Kyla Herbes, House of Hipsters
- “OMG I LOVE THEM. YES, ALL CAPS!!!” - Steph Gaudreau, Stupid Easy Paleo
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So Are You In?


Want in on the one-of-a-kind images that will help you STAND OUT online? Contact me here - and we'll get you started. 

You're ready for more, and you AND your business are worth it. Let's do this. 


PS - Need additional locations, time or images? Not a problem - we will work together to accommodate your needs. 

Want images of only your products or designs? Please contact me for a custom quote.