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Hey, there food blogger friend!

You work hard to invent and share delicious creations. Are your recipes and food photos getting the recognition they deserve? Join in the 30 Day Tasteography Challenge and get tips and techniques to improve your food photography - in just one month, we'll take your food photos from "meh" to "YUM!" 

This won't take a ton of time out of your day - you'll mostly be doing something you're already working on - taking and sharing photos of your food. You don't need any special, expensive equipment, either. If you've got a phone and an instagram account, you're good to go!

Our challenge starts July 15th. Sign up here and in the meantime, I'll also send you the "TASTEography: Tips to Taking Better Food Photos With Just Your Phone" PDF guide for FREE.

So come on - what have you got to lose? Sign up and let's go!

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