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Take your food photos from blah to mouthwatering.


You've created a delicious and unique recipe, tested it, purchased gorgeous, fresh ingredients and cooked it to perfection. You even found the perfect aquamarine bowl to put the meal in and bought the trendy antique gold spoon to really set it off. 

Then comes the tricky part - the part that makes you nervous to the point where you kind of don't want to write another post about food again, maybe ever. The photography. You know what I'm talking about - your photos turn out kind of blurry, too yellow, or just plain dull. They don't do your food justice and they're not getting tons of love like the ones you see on Pinterest.

If only you had a genie in your pocket to take the perfect magazine quality styled photo just the way you envision but can't quite seem to achieve


Introducing Tasteography:
The Food Photography Course for Bloggers


In just six weeks, you'll learn how to take your food photos from blah to mouthwatering. You'll receive:

  • a workbook full of helpful instruction that will help you improve your photos and find YOUR style, not just cop someone else's 
  • access to a private group to share your images and create friendships with like-minded people
  • one on one (gentle!) constructive criticism throughout to make sure you're improving by leaps and bounds and getting the most benefit out of the course. 
  • a list of basic tools you'll needs to make your photography life easier
  • Over 100 secret tips and tricks I use whenever I shoot - the things I had to learn the hard way!


What you'll learn:

  • Inspiration - how to achieve the looks you love from Pinterest and Instagram without being a giant copycat
  • Lighting - why it's so important, how to achieve the best light in any set up, what to avoid 
  • Composition - how to create the most interesting compositions - the ones people won't scroll past without a second glance
  • Focus - how to use focus to draw your viewer's eye to what's important
  • Color Balance and Theory - why you want to create a pleasing balance and what colors you should use often and the few colors you really want to avoid
  • Editing - the few simple steps you want to take after you shoot to really make your images POP and the things you should NEVER EVER do to a photo
  • Workflow - how to manage your files so you can find them and post them easily and quickly 
  • Styling - the three levels of image styling and how and when to use each one


Even more!

  • Pinterest - what to make sure you're doing to make your food photos more Pin-worthy
  • Action Photos - when you can use simple motions (hello, syrup pouring on a pancake!) to create more interest
  • Video - The EASIEST way to make a stop motion video for your foodie fans - trust me, my eight year old can do this!

Oh, and while we're on the topic? We'll be talking about how to make all this work with your smartphone (team iPhone, here, holla!) TOO. Wouldn't it be awesomely easy to take blog photos with just your phone and have them look so good no one would know the difference?


Smartphone topics 

  • the best way to achieve crystal clear focus
  • how to fake a shallow depth of field (aka the "blurry background" effect) 
  • getting great exposure - making sure your photo is not too light and not too dark
  • correcting color casts from shade or other tricky lighting
  • Instagram - the simple steps to get more double taps on your delish images!


Tasteography will teach you what you need to know to take your photos - and therefore your blog itself - to the next level. If you're a food blogger who's got great recipes and dreams of really going big, but your photos are holding you back, this is definitely the class for you. 


If you've tried improving your traffic by submitting to sites like Foodgawker and you're not getting in, or you've applied for campaigns and no one's choosing to work with you, it could be that your photos really are the element that needs work.

Images ARE that important, and if they're the thing that's keeping you from success - real success, whether that means a huge fan base, monetizing your work or even big huge things like your own cookbook - then you NEED to figure out how to improve them. Tasteography will help you do just that. 


"OK, I'm IN - just tell me When, How and How Much?"


The six week class begins on September 1st and it technically ends on October 11th. You'll always have access to our group, though, and any future material additions, too. 


Right now, Tasteography is $349. The next round will go up to $549 but I want to give you a fantastic course at a fantastically low price. 


Additionally, the class size is small so everyone gets the attention they need to progress fast which is GREAT but it also means the class will sell out fast. I personally hate sales-y pressure like "this will sell out fast!!!11!1!" but I really REALLY hate when I miss out on something I wanted bad, so I thought I should tell you that.


Ready for me to save you a seat in Tasteography?




When you click Join Now, you'll be taken to the payment page. As soon as your payment is processed, you'll receive an email receipt and a hearty Thank You! email from me. You'll then be added to the class list and on June 1st, you'll join the party in the facebook group and get access to your first assignments and videos. So YAY and get ready for that!


Frequently Asked Questions - 


How is this class different than the others I've seen? And for that matter, how is it better than just reading a book on the topic?


Reading about a topic or watching a video or two is great, but it doesn't push you to effective change the same way a group class does. If you're like me, you already have a ton of reference materials on tons of topics. You may get a sixth of the way through and then they are forgotten, just taking up space on your hard drive or getting dusty on a shelf. With Tasteography, our weekly check ins will make sure you're doing the work that will help you improve, not just wasting money on another future dust-gatherer.


Can I download it all at once and work at my own pace?


Sorry, but nope! Like any good recipe, these things take time to do the right way. You'll have enough to concentrate on week-by-week that downloading it all at once would be overwhelming and counter productive, anyway. You'll learn a chunk at a time and then build on the concepts as we go.


Wait, what? Sounds like there's too much here to fit into my SUPER BUSY schedule. How much work will I actually have to do each week?


I'm super busy, too - who isn't? I have three kids and between pick ups, drop offs, meal planning and creation, household maintenance, online life, oh, and the 1 hour of quiet time (aka watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix) I spend with my husband each night, I feel like I have barely any time to sit down and learn new stuff, too. That's why I created the Tasteography lessons to supplement what you're already doing for your food blog. You won't be bogged down watching long tutorials or reading large chunks of text. There are some things you'll need to think about and answer, but the majority of your time will be spent doing what you already do - making and photographing food. Do remember, though - the harder you work at something, the better you'll get. 


This sounds like a ton of great stuff - what isn't covered in this class?


Tasteography does not go over the nuts and bolts of how to use your camera - but that's OK. I recommend that you're shooting with a dSLR in manual mode but the class itself covers information you can use with any camera, too. It also does not teach you the magic of Photoshop. If you have Photoshop and know how to use it - awesome! If you don't, that's ok - you can use PicMonkey if you're familiar with it or editing apps on your phone or tablet. There have been times I've been sitting in front of Photoshop just WISHING I could use my phone apps to edit instead, so no Photoshop = no prob. (Seriously, though - if you find you love editing photos, Adobe Creative Cloud is pretty awesome and it's only a small fee each month - check it out.)


What if I'm not available on XYZ date because I'm having a baby/ going to Bali/ lighting my computer on fire?


First of all, don't light your computer on fire - it's bad for so many reasons. Second, if you're not available for part of the course, you can go back and access the materials when you are. You're not going to miss out on anything, promise. Also, if you're going to Bali, please do remember to send me a postcard. I'm kind of obsessed with Bali. 


What if I want to start this class in, say, APRIL? Will it run again?


You're killing me, dude. You want to get better, so this is kind of a why wait situation, right? The class will run again but it will be at the $549 price point on the next go-round and I do not have a date set for it yet. 


Do I need a ton of special photography equipment or styling stuff from Anthropologie?


Um, yes, everyone should go drop $500 at Anthro right NOW. Just kidding, but if you need an excuse to buy that super cute tea towel, you can say I told you to do it. Honestly, you can use what you already have around the house. There are some tools you can buy if you want, but you really don't have to have a majorly crazy set up. 


What if I don't end up liking the class? Can I have my money back?


You're going to love it, I'm just telling you now. However, I know that one size doesn't always fit all, so you can be eligible for a refund if you apply for it and submit all your assignments by the end of week 2. That's right, you can try it on and if it's not your thing by September 14, 2015, you can indeed have your money back. 


Can I hire you for one-on-one coaching/ an in-person workshop / to shoot my images for me?


That depends - do you live in Bali? Just kidding. While I'd love to be available to everyone at all times, my family comes first so I only have a select number of in person coaching sessions or workshops each year. I do offer on-line coaching at a rate of $399/hour. If you're still interested in hosting an in person workshop, or hiring me to shoot for you, email me directly at misha.hettie@gmail.com and we can talk more about your specific needs. 


The just because you've got to have small print stuff - 

By purchasing the Tasteography Class, you expressly agree that you understand you are solely responsible for your progress and results, and that I, Misha Hettie, provide no guarantees regarding your results of any kind. Results will vary based on your personal participation, skill, and dedication, and thus, no promises of actual performance are provided. 


So What Do You Say?
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