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Book a Headshot Party!

C’mon. Getting your photo taken the traditional way can be a drag - and getting your entire team to send in new photos? Forget about it.

You don’t have to stress about this anymore - book a headshot party, ditch the awkward, and get brand new photos for your company’s site and social media… the fun way.


“Hey - who’s this for?”

Headshot parties are perfect for the business owner who needs photos of their entire team OR for groups of friends who all want new headshots.

“How can we use the photos?”

You can use the photos however you see fit.

Want to add them all to your company’s “Our Team” page? Check and check - you can. Need an image for a press release? Boom - you got it. Want to trickle them out on Instagram so your fans can see your smiling faces? Be my guest.

As long as you don’t edit or sell the photos, they’re yours to use as you like.

“How does this all work?”

It couldn’t be any easier. You pick a day that works for you, book your headshot party, name your location, and I’ll take care of the rest. From lighting to posing to styling suggestions, I’ve got you.

“What’s Included?”

Each person receives…

  • 15-20 minutes of camera time

  • 3 fully edited images

  • Fun! Sounds pretty good, right?

Headshot parties are $150 per person with a 4 person minimum.

“How do we get started?”

Simple. Click the link below to contact me and we’ll get your headshot party scheduled. Upon scheduling, you’ll receive a checklist that will help you and your peeps look and feel your best, and some suggestions on what to bring. Easy, right?