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Your online brand is tied to your bottom line.


Your photos tell a story. A story about you, your business and what your mission is. If your images aren't as stellar as the service you provide, then you can't command the money.

Everything you put out online speaks volumes about your business and reputation. So if you're not getting the business or clients you deserve, then it's time to get some images that get you noticed.

Branding Photographer Misha Hettie

I'm Misha Hettie and your online images are serious business. I bring out the story you're telling in the images I shoot. 

My work has been featured in:

  • Uppercase Magazine
  • Architectural Digest
  • Food Network 
  • Writer's Digest
  • Cooking with Paula Deen
  • Design Guide 
  • Urban Home
  • Gayot Guide 
  • Travel & Leisure