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Misha Hettie here. Nice to meet you.

You're here because you're looking for the photographer who can help you with the story you want to tell - about you and your business.  

That I can do.


your people

Creative headshots and branding images for your small business.

your food

Food photography for your most delectable creations.

your designs

Photography for designers, architects, home builders and real estate listings. 

You and your business need a signature look.


Streisand once said that people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. Well, guess what - those lucky people need YOUR people. If they can see your people, they'll be all the more likely to like and trust your brand before they even hear your voice. True story. 

So what'll it be? Not-very-corporate headshots? Environmental images of your team doing what they do best? Or photographs showing just how beautiful your clients will look? Whatever your desire, I can bring out the best in you and your people and get you one step closer to meeting those people - we'll have your clients feeling like the luckiest people in the world in no time. 



Interior Design Photography


You know your Jerusalem limestone from your Peruvian travertine and when a chaise lounge would be better than a tufted ottoman. You get a major thrill every time your client says, "Money's no object - just make it beautiful!"

Why would you trust your portfolio images to someone who couldn't appreciate these things at all?

In my former life, I was a design showroom manager and I've yet to shake the feeling that a 5" base molding is worlds more stately than a 3". I can see the special touches you've put into a space before you even mention them and you can be assured I'll highlight them. 

Whether you're an interior designer, a home builder, or an architect, I'd love to be the one to capture the glory of your project for all to see. 



I love food.

I love food. I mean, I have a lot of deep, intense talks with myself about food - everything from "What's for dinner?" to "I wonder what the global impact is if I buy these Chocolate Joe Joe's instead of a locally made macaron..."

I'm guessing you love and care about food, too. Do you stress over presentation? Fret about color almost as much as flavor? Believe that food should be eaten with the eyes first? If so, you're in the need of a food-minded photographer. I am your go-to girl.

There are very few things that would make me happier than having the opportunity to showcase your creations - from craft cocktails to duck fat fries, I want to shoot (and then possibly eat) it all.